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Aspire Nautilus 5pk Coil Replacements


Aspire Nautilus 5pk Coil Replacements

Aspire Nautilus coils are compatible with both the Original Nautilus and Mini Aspire Nautlius.


  1. Better taste, less burning taste.
  2. More stable, less problem will happen, giving a good performance.
  3. Longer lifetime, helping save money.
  4. Huger vapor, offering a better vapor experience.

Product Description


This coil can’t be used in other Aspire clearomizers,such as Aspire ET Plastic BDC Clearomizer, Aspire Vivi Nova BDC Clearomizer. They do work with the K3 Tanks, Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, and Triton Mini tanks.

Brand: Aspire
Unit: 5pc/Pack


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