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How to choose the right Electronic Cigarette?

How to choose the right Electronic Cigarette?
The market has now been flooded with so many electronic cigarette companies your head spins when you look at all the different ecigs out on the market. My suggestion would be to do your research and read up on the company to see how satisfied the companies clients are from the product they purchased. I mean, you even have ecigs in multiple gas station throughout the states. You have to do a comparison analysis like buying a simple watch.

Here are a few questions if you were going to purchase a watch to make purchasing an ecig simple.

1. If a gas station sold a Movado watch, would it be real or a copy cat fake?
2. Would the watch work or burn out and stop working in a week?
3. If you purchased a Movado watch in the mall at a kiosk would you over pay for the watch?
4. How many companies sell a fake Movado that looks just like one but does not perform like one?
5.If you were looking for a Movado but saw 100 plus websites with all different designs of this watch would you buy a different kind of watch after looking or stick to the real thing because you know the reputation of a Movado?

I hope this will make it easier to purchase your first electronic cigarette. Vintage Joye™ is staying with the real thing that has proven it’s performance of quality over all the electronic cigarettes out on the market. You can even stop by our local Retail Store Front in Naples to try before you buy and decide which ecig is right for you.

Vintage Joye™
89 9th St S
Naples, FL 34102
Store: 239-263-1050

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