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5 Reasons Why CBD Oil is a Miracle Oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a substance found in both cannabis and its cousin, hemp. These days, even people in non-cannabis regions can benefit from CBD oil derived directly from hemp which contains none of the psychoactive compounds associated with cannabis. Here are five reasons why CBD oil is the miracle many people have been waiting for.

It Can Stop Seizures in Their Tracks

GW Pharmaceuticals recently finished a clinical trial of a very specific form of CBD in patients with a rare form of epilepsy. Those who used CBD-based medications experienced 42% fewer seizures than those using a placebo, making this the most promising study ever conducted. Previous studies have shown CBD oil effective in treating other types of epilepsy, as well. The vast majority of users reported fewer seizures after their very first doses.

It Can Stop the Spread of Cancer

Italian scientists sorted through all the pre-clinical information they could find relating to the use of cannabidiol in cancer patients back in 2013, and what they found was astonishing. They said there is sufficient evidence that CBD can stop the growth of existing cancers. This means that patients with cancer may be able to use CBD oil to slow or even stop the spread, making their current treatments far more effective and valuable than before.

It Can Ease Anxiety

A study in 2011 focused on CBD’s effect on the brain in patients who had been previously diagnosed with social anxiety disorders. In one of their trials, they gave participants a dose of CBD and then asked them to give a public speech. The results showed that the treatment improved their discomfort, cognitive impairment, speech, and anxiety – all with just one dose.

It Can Relieve Pain

Numerous studies have been conducted on CBD oil’s ability to relieve pain. In fact, a study in 1988 proved that it was four times more effective than aspirin at relieving pain caused by inflammation, and in Canada, it’s possible to get a CBD drug by prescription that was designed to treat pain associated with MS. Scientists believe that CBD works on the vanilloid receptors in the body, which are responsible for pain perception, bodily inflammation, and even body temperature.

It Can Help People with Certain Mental Disorders

Anti-psychotic drugs are a huge part of the overall pharmaceutical industry. Although they can work for many patients with significant mental disorders ranging from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder, they are fraught with side effects and often leave patients lethargic. Studies have shown that CBD oil can complement these therapies and provide a further improvement in symptoms. Currently, GW Pharmaceuticals is conducting more research to determine whether anti-psychotic drug doses can be lowered when adding CBD, or if they can be stopped altogether.

CBD oil is a true miracle worker, and it’s one that scientists, researchers, and even pharmaceutical companies around the world are studying very closely. It’s already legalized in numerous states, and even where it isn’t, there are hemp-derived options available.

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