WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bulk eliquid

Bulk Premium E-Juice & E-Liquid – Why americanmadebulkeliquid.com Provides the Best

When you buy your e-juices and e-liquids for resale, it’s important that you provide your customers with the best possible products at the best possible prices. That’s exactly why you should consider buying your juices and liquids in bulk from americanmadebulkeliquid.com; we provide some of the highest-quality products in the industry.

Ahead of the Curve with FDA Compliance

The FDA has gotten more involved in the electronic cigarette industry over the last several months, and that means you should partner with a supplier that is registered with the FDA as a compliant supplier of ecig liquids and juices. americanmadebulkeliquid.com is already meeting and exceeding regulations that haven’t even been put into place, which makes them your top choice for bulk vaping and ecig supplies. All our formulas are on file with the FDA, and all our products are created by a third party in an FDA-registered laboratory.

Tested, Proven Ingredients

Unlike some bulk eliquid sellers who look for the cheapest ingredients out there, americanmadebulkeliquid.com is different. We carefully select the suppliers of our ingredients to ensure that our clients get products that are affordable, yet of the highest possible quality. americanmadebulkeliquid.com’s laboratory manager personally oversees each formula, and he’s a 26-year veteran in analytical chemistry. He knows what he’s doing, and that expertise is passed down to our clients and their customers with every bulk order.

Third Party Testing

Every batch of e-liquid and e-juice manufactured by our third party partner are created in an FDA-registered laboratory which is sent to a third-party tester to ensure its quality and safety. Aside from that, we also send our raw ingredients (things like glycol, nicotine, and glycerin) to ensure their safety, too – long before we put it in our products. This gives you added assurance that the products we supply for resale to your customers are incredibly safe.

Long Shelf Life

Whereas most companies acquire their liquids in such a way that shelf life is shortened, americanmadebulkeliquid.com takes steps to ensure that our products last for up to two years when they’re stored under the proper conditions. In fact, we guarantee it. This means that overstock isn’t such a problem; your product will last and last, giving your customers plenty of opportunity to buy it.

Incredible Flavors

Flavor selection is incredibly important to people who use electronic cigarettes, and for the manufacturers of those liquids, it’s important to mimic realistic flavors as closely as possible. That’s why we offer some of the most well-known flavors – including classic tobacco and menthol tobacco – as well as cigar flavors. Some flavor samples include cool raspberry, orange ice, and along with unique dessert flavors like Brando’s Burn (dessert flavor taste like pancake syrup) Audrey Lemody (Lemon Pound Cake) or Marlene French ( Pecan toffee). Difficult to produce but perfectly done to perfection. The best part is that americanmadebulkeliquid.com is already compliant with the FDA regulations to come, which means you can rest at ease in the knowledge that you can provide a consistent experience to your own buyers.

If you’re considering buying e-juice or e-liquid in bulk for resale to your customers, look no further than americanmadebulkeliquid.com. We provide all of the hottest flavors, and we’re already in compliance with new FDA regulations. We provide some of the safest, highest-quality products in the country at prices you can afford. Our laboratory is for more advanced than most laboratories across the country that all staff that deals with the production in making eliquid are Scientist or Chemist that understand and can prove Hard Scientific Data that is now required by the FDA.

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