WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Premium Bulk eLiquid & Vapor Juice

Are you prepared for the new FDA Regulations? The days will be over for the majority of eliquid suppliers out there. We are ready and have been preparing for years for the regulations.

Why Vintage Joye™ Premium Bulk Eliquid?

Bulk Vapor & eLiquid

As the Electronic Cigarette Industry continues to grow, it’s extremely important to partner with an USA based Wholesale Eliquid company that is FDA registered because they will soon be stepping in to implement new policies and regulations to the Ejuice/Eliquids being distributed. Our facility is ahead of the curve giving our customers complete confidence that when these changes take place your eliquid products are protected and compliant. Vintage Joye™ Wholesale Bulk Eliquid is made in an FDA registered laboratory and all of our formulas are on file with the FDA. Laboratory operates to the 21 CFR part 111 Dietary Supplement Code which will be more restrictive then the regulations coming out by the FDA. Call 239-263-1060 to learn more about our bulk eliquid.

Vintage Joye™ Bulk Eliquid laboratory operate as a GMP laboratory. All materials coming into the laboratory are tested by an independent FDA compliant laboratory before use. They do quarterly random grab samples of finished product that is sent to an independent FDA compliant laboratory for testing. Only university degreed professionals handle the materials to make our formulas. Our laboratory manager, Kevin McHugh is a 26 year veteran in Analytical Chemistry uses an HPLC to shoot our levels to make sure all our formulas are made as designed. Each full e liquid container that leaves the building has a quality lot number attached to it for tracking purposes and will lead back to the original COA for all the materials in the formula. We also hold retention of each batch of fluid manufactured for a minimum of two years.

The FDA does not conduct inspections yet. Our owner is a retired nuclear chemist and he was an ISO 9001 inspector for nuclear chemistry laboratories for the Department of Energy. He understands the GMP and 21 CRF part 111 requirements.

Our nicotine is derived from black leaf tobacco and is only levorotatory nicotine. The highest grade possible. It is tested for purity by an independent FDA compliant laboratory before it is put into use. We purchase our nicotine from some of the largest companies in the world that also sell to the companies that make the patch and other nicotine products. We do not import nicotine from China. We do extractions in our laboratory for some of the flavors and we also use some of the largest flavoring houses in the world. We do not import flavorings from China. Helpful Facts for Confidence when you Place Your Wholesale Eliquid Bulk Order: Helpful Facts

  • We are an “FDA registered” facility as a tobacco manufacturer
  • All of our formulas are on file with the FDA.
  • All of our flavoring is specifically designed for inhalation.
  • We practice in accordance with cGMP guidelines (21CFR Part 111)
  • We carry full “Product Liability” Insurance for our fluids that is extended to your company and through to your retail clients, which lowers your liability exposure.
  • We provide “Lot Numbers” in our Quality Program. All of our products are traceable back to our suppliers and their original provided Certificate of Analysis.
  • Our base mix is comprised of “USP Grade, Kosher” materials that allows you to market anywhere in the world.
  • Our fluids are tested in our own analytical laboratory, on a GC/MS, GC/FID and HPLC, to assure purity and proper nicotine levels. We use a Karl Fischer titrator to ensure finished products contain no water.
  • Every batch of raw material (Glycerin, Glycol, and Nicotine) are sent out to 3rd party labs to ensure quality of materials before use.
  • We use only levorotatory nicotine and source from the largest producer in the world.
  • All of our formulas are made to order by degreed chemists for maximum shelf life.
  • We guarantee a 2 year shelf life under proper storage conditions.
  • We use no diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or acetoin in any of our products. We are here to grow your business!!! We do Private Labeling to get your name out there, Branding is key in this Industry…

We already have several big players we make eliquid for in this Industry so we can handle any size order. If you are looking for a better quality eliquid line we can match any of your popular flavors if you do not see the flavor your looking for on our list.

OUR EJUICE – ELIQUID FLAVORS (Any of our Fruit Flavors can be made Menthol)

American Red Burley Cigar K Type Orange Ice
American Red Enhanced Burley Cigar Enhanced K Type Enhanced Orange Ice Enhanced
Lite American Red Cuban 1 N Type Cool Raspberry
Lite American Red Enhanced Cuban 1 Enhanced N Type Enhanced Cool Raspberry Enhanced
Blueberry American Red Cuban 2 S Type Am Menthol
Blueberry American Red Enhanced Cuban 2 Enhanced S Type Enhanced Am Menthol Enhanced
Sweet American Red Cuban 3 Menthol Ice American Red Menthol
Sweet American Red Enhanced Cuban 3 Enhanced Menthol Ice Enhanced American Red Menthol Enhanced
Am Tobacco Turkish Cigar Menthol Mint Spray American Menthol N Type
Am Tobacco Enhanced Turkish Cigar Enhanced Menthol Mint Spray Enhanced American Menthol N Type Enhanced
Cml Southern Red Peppermint Gum Cml Menthol
Cml Enhanced Southern Red Enhanced Peppermint Gum Enhanced Cml Menthol Enhanced
Tobacco Light Canadian Cigar Peach Ice Honey Menthol
Tobacco Light Enhanced Canadian Cigar Enhanced Peach Ice Enhanced Honey Menthol Enhanced
Tobacco Very Light Virginia Cigar Cola Ice Vanilla Ice
Tobacco Very Light Enhanced Virginia Cigar Enhanced Cola Ice Enhanced Vanilla Ice Enhanced
Clove Cigar A Vanilla Cool Strawberry Peppermint Ice
Clove Enhanced Cigar A Vanilla Enhanced Cool Strawberry Enhanced Peppermint Ice Enhanced
Rwhy4 Cigar B Cherry Cool Cinnamon Mango Ice
Rwhy4 Enhanced Cigar B Cherry Enhanced Cool Cinnamon Enhanced Mango Ice Enhanced
Chocolate Ice Lemon Ice
Chocolate Ice Enhanced Lemon Ice Enhanced
Pineapple Ice Melon Ice
Pineapple Ice Enhanced Melon Ice Enhanced


Anise Choconillahaze Pina Cola
Apple Cinnamon PineApple
Apple Cinnamon Hot Cinnamon Pomegranate
Apple Pie Cinnamon Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pomegranate Cinnamon Cherry Cola Pumpkin Spice
Appletini Cinnamon Spice Raspberry
Appletini Extreme coconu Raspberry Blueberry
Banana Coconut Chocolate Red Wings (like Red Bull)
Berry Creme Coconut Cream Rocket
Blackberry coffee Root Beer
Blue Raspberry Coffee Black/Espresso Rum
Blueberry Sweet Strong Coffee Rum & Cola
Blueberry Blackberry Cola 1 Rum Raisin
Bourbon Cola 2 Sex on the Beach
Bourbon & Cake Cotton Candy Smores
Bubblegum Dark Chocolate Starannise
BWFP Double Mint Strawberry
Candy Cane Egg Nog Strawberry Banana
Cappucino French Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate
Caramel Fresh Mint Strawberry Cream
Caramel Apple Fruit Gum Strawberry Kiwi
Caramel Coconut Cookie Fruit Punch Sweet Cherry
Cardamom Gingerbread Thin Mint
Champagne Grape Tiramisu
Cheesecake Grape Soda Vanilla
Cherry Herb2 Vanilla Cardamom
Cherry Cola Holiday Spice Vanilla Coffee
Cherry Mint Honey Melon Watermelon
Chocolate irish Cream JR Watermelon
Chocolate Banana Island Sherbert Watermelon Cotton Candy
Chocolate Minit Key Lime
Chocomint Kiwi


Apple Dark Chocolate Orange Coconut
Banana Double Apple Orange Cinnamon
Blueberry French Vanilla Mocha
Cardamom Grape Peach
Cherry Kiwi Pear
Chocolate Lemon Pineapple
Chocolate Mint Lemon Licorice Pomegranate
Chocolate Strawberry Lemon Coconut Raspberry
Cinnamon Lemon Licorice Ripe Strawberry
Coconut Lemon Mint Root Beer
Coconut Cream Mango Rose
Coconut Chocolate Moonlight Mint Strawberry
Orange Coconut Mint Strawberry Cream
Coffee Cola Vanilla

“Top Shelf Premium Eliquid Line”

Dean Bourbon: Infused Vanilla with the Best Bourbon and Tobacco after taste of sweet cherries.
Dietrich Fused: Infused fruit with a taste of citrus and hints of Bourbon..
Marlene French P: Baked French Pecan with hint of toffee and tart apples.
Audrey Lemody: Baked pound cake at it’s best with sweet& creamy lemon taste..
James Wild: A Custardy Delight with wild berries, tangy lemon, and rich creamy custard…
Monroe Exotic: Infused fruit with fresh blends of Mango, Pineapples, and after taste of a hint of mint.
Turner’s Delight: A sweet treat with a burst of mix fruits of lemon,strawberry,grape,orange, and lime all at once hitting your taste buds.
Brando’s Burn: One of the best tasting desert vapes. Pancake and Syrup hitting your taste buds with a warm but hint of tobacco blend RY4
Shirley’s Blend: Strawberry Jam hitting your taste buds on the inhale with a creamy coconut blend on the exhale, an all day desert vape.
Garland’s Berry: Mixed berry custard pie, a taste from the past almost reminds you of the famous cereal. Will keep you guessing which one.

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