WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


How to Use CBD Oil

By now you probably know that there are numerous benefits to using CBD oil. Whether or not you achieve those benefits largely depends on how you use this product, which is why we would like to provide you with this handy guide.



5 Reasons you Should be Using CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is derived from the seeds and stalk of the hemp plant, and is the second most common cannabinoid. CBD is non-psychotropic, meaning it does not produce the high that is normally associated with marijuana. However, it does provide some amazing healing benefits, leaving at least five reasons why you should be taking it.


CBD for Cancer

CBD Oil Now Helping Cancer Patients

Cancer is a condition that affects millions of Americans each year. While it can be cured in some cases, it can only be managed in others. CBD oil has been shown effective to reduce the side effects of traditional cancer treatments, to relieve the anxiety associated with having a chronic health condition, to ease pain, and perhaps even slow or stop the growth of cancerous tumors.

Reduces Cancer Treatment Side Effects

The two most common treatments for cancer today are chemotherapy and radiation. While both can kill off cancer cells and save lives in many cases, they aren’t without their side effects. Patients going through chemotherapy and radiation often experience headaches, nausea, weakness, loss of appetite, muscle wasting, and more. CBD oil has been shown to alleviate these symptoms and improve these patients’ quality of life, even as they are in the middle of their treatment plans.

Relieves Anxiety

Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult, whether your medical team catches it early enough to cure you or your diagnosis is terminal. There’s a great deal of fear and anxiety that comes along with this diagnosis, and it puts your body under a great deal of stress. That stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system, which makes it more difficult for your body to fight off the cancer. CBD oil has been clinically shown to reduce anxiety as effectively as SSRIs and even benzodiazepines, but without all the same side effects.

Eases Pain and Inflammation

There is plenty of clinical evidence to suggest that CBD oil reduces inflammation throughout the body, which promotes pain relief. What’s more, CBD oil is also thought to reduce the function of pain receptors in the brain, which has an effect on the way your body actually feels that pain. It’s safe to use alongside traditional pain relivers – both over the counter and prescription – but it’s important for patients to talk to their doctors beforehand. The doses of certain medications may need to be adjusted to compensate.

Slows or Stops the Spread of Cancer

Finally, there’s been some recent research on the effects of cannabidiol on certain types of cancer cells. At first, scientists discovered that CBD oil would stop the growth and spread of cancer cells in petri dishes and test tubes, and in some cases, the CBD oil would even kill off the cancerous cells. Following these experiments, scientists gave mice with certain types of cancer CBD oil, and while they found that CBD oil didn’t reverse the cancer, it slowed the growth of that cancer significantly when compared to the mice given a placebo. There are currently ongoing human clinical trials based on these findings, and the preliminary evidence suggests that CBD may be an effective addition to current cancer treatments.

As you can see, CBD oil is a valuable tool in the fight against cancer. It reduces the side effects associated with the most common cancer treatments, it relieves the anxiety cancer patients often feel due to their diagnoses, it eases pain and inflammation all throughout the body, and there’s even evidence that it may slow or even stop the growth of certain types of cancers.

CBD Oil for Anxiety – How It Helps

With all the current research on CBD oil, it comes as no surprise that people are beginning to embrace it as a wonderfully natural treatment for alleviating their anxiety symptoms. It’s surprisingly helpful, and it doesn’t cause the same side effects of many of today’s most popular anti-anxiety drugs.


Cannabis Oil

CBD Oil Benefits – A Must Read!

There’s plenty of evidence that CBD oil can work miracles for people who are sick, in pain, or suffering with a variety of different illnesses and diseases. Aside from this, it can benefit people who are otherwise perfectly healthy, too. Here are some of the CBD oil benefits for you to consider.



5 Reasons Why CBD Oil is a Miracle Oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a substance found in both cannabis and its cousin, hemp. These days, even people in non-cannabis regions can benefit from CBD oil derived directly from hemp which contains none of the psychoactive compounds associated with cannabis. Here are five reasons why CBD oil is the miracle many people have been waiting for.


Bulk Eliquid

5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Bulk Wholesale ELiquid

When it comes to purchasing wholesale e-liquid in bulk to resell to your own customers, it’s important that you find the right balance of selection, quality, safety, and price. These five questions will help you decide which vendor is the best option for not only your needs, but also the needs of your customers. (more…)

Bulk eliquid

Recent Survey of Under 35s – Most Think Ecigs are Safer

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the number of cigarette smokers has hit an all-time low. In 2005, there were 45 million smokers across the country; in 2015, there were 37 million – a 15% difference. Many people believe electronic cigarettes have played a major role in reducing that rate. In fact, a study out of Ohio State University shows that people under age 35 believe that ecigarettes are far safer than their traditional counterparts.


Vapor Store Franchise

Why a Vapor Store Is the Next Big Thing in Franchise Opportunities

Entrepreneurship opportunities are everywhere these days. You could open a fast food restaurant, start your very own business, or sell a product you invented. However, none of these offer any guarantee of success, so if you’re interested in getting involved in one of the country’s most lucrative industries, you should consider opening your very own Vintage Joye vapor lounge. Here are some reasons why a vapor store franchise is right for you!


E-Cig Study

New Study Shows eCig 97% Less Toxic than Regular Cigarettes

Several studies have been conducted on the benefits and dangers of using electronic cigarettes over their traditional counterparts, but very few have been 100% unbiased. Just recently, the British American Tobacco Company, which manufactures both electronic and traditional cigarettes, shocked the entire vaping community when they released the findings.

More Controlled Study Group

Many of the studies that are available regarding the use of ecigs aren’t as controlled as they should be, and this is even true of the studies that come direct from the FDA. For example, when the group surveys teens on their usage of electronic cigarettes, they do not mention the dilution of the liquid being used. The truth is that many teens who choose to use vaping products use zero-nicotine liquids because they understand the potential dangers and addictive nature of nicotine. This recent study from the British American Tobacco Company took this and many other commonly overlooked factors into account.


Top Selling eLiquid Flavors Customers Love


RY4 is the most popular blend in our diverse e-liquid line. It’s a smooth, easy vapor that closely resembles that of Parliament Light cigarettes. It has a very mild flavor, yet strength isn’t sacrificed. Its soft, pleasant vapor is one that you can kick back and enjoy.


Ice Menthol eLiquid

Ice menthol is our most popular menthol flavor. And for good reason—its nice, cool throat hit is one that even non-menthol vapor users enjoy. It can be blended with RY4—or any of our other great flavors—to deliver a pleasant artic vaping experience.


5 Reasons Why an eCig Business is an Amazing Franchise Opportunity

Everyone dreams of owning their own self-sufficient business that is not only economical, but is also fun. That’s why the opportunity to own an ecig franchise is so exciting – it offers up a chance to make a living doing something that you truly enjoy, and something that you can feel proud of.

#1 – People Continue to Turn to Vaping as an Alternative

The dangers of cigarette smoking are very, very real. However, it isn’t the nicotine in a cigarette that poses the greatest danger to your health. It’s the dozens of chemicals, including known carcinogens, that enter the body with every single puff. Back in November of last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, reported that more than nine million Americans vaped regularly. They also reported that academic research had proven that vaping was anywhere from 95% to 99% healthier than traditional cigarette smoking.


Naples Daily News

Are E-Cig Laws Just Confusing Users?

There is a real possibility that the future of e-cig devices in St. Joseph could be very much in the balance. Although the city’s ban on indoor smoking currently includes the use of e-cigs, it is actually in conflict with a state law that was put into effect a few months after the local ban had been passed by city voters. The state law says that alternative smoking devices such as e-cigarettes may not be taxed or regulated in the same way as regular tobacco products.


Presidential Convention

E-Cigs Allowed At Upcoming Presidential Conventions

As the Republican National Convention fast approaches in the next week, officials based in Cleveland continue receiving numerous queries pertaining to the types of firearms that can be openly carried (hint: only real ones) and where they will be allowed to carry them (only outside the convention hall). However, this is not the only question being asked – many people would like to know whether e-cig devices will be allowed to be carried and used or not.


FDA Regulations as of August 8th

FDA Regulations are out and in less than a month we are going to see big changes to our Industry. There will be a big fall out of companies worldwide due to the fact they did not prepare for this day to come. Is your Laboratory prepared for these changes? Are they helping you through this process? Do they have your back with FDA Attorney’s helping you to insure you are doing things to be compliant?? We have been preparing for this day for years, our Laboratory is an FDA Registered Laboratory staffed with Scientist and Chemist that understand how to file a PMTA and everything that the FDA is requiring you to do to stay in this Industry. Come join us if you want to be insured of your future.

If you are looking to get into the Electronic Cigarette Industry, this is the time to do so since now our Industry will be Regulated by the FDA.  Come join us as a Franchisee. Have the confidence  working with a company that has been in business since 2008.  Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge is a successful company that has your back and  has a proven track record. Time is running out. You MUST ACT NOW……

Vaping - Alternative to Cigarettes

5 Reasons Why Vaping is a Great Alternative to Smoking Cigarettes

Over the past few years, the art of using e-cigarettes or vaping as it has become commonly known as has become a great alternative to regular smoking. Below are just 5 reasons why vaping is better than using traditional cigarettes.

Far Cheaper than Regular Cigarettes

Today, a good quality pack of cigarettes will cost anywhere between $7 and $12, which works out extremely costly. Smoking just 1 pack a day can cost between $210 and $360 a month – certainly not small change in anyone’s budget nowadays. This doesn’t include the cost of incidentals such as lighters or ashtrays. Although the cost of a startup e-cigarette kit can seem steep at between $20 and $50, the month to month cost of vaping comes out considerably lower than that of regular cigarettes. Another reason why e-cigs are cheaper is because they are not currently subject to taxes like traditional cigarettes.


Bulk Vapor Juice

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy E-Liquid from Vintage Joye

While there may be numerous suppliers of bulk E-Liquid and vapor juice out there nowadays, not all of them are able to provide the range or quality of products that are sold by Vintage Joye. Below are just 5 reasons why you should purchase all of your e-liquid supplies from us.

No Imports from China

In an effort to cut costs, many e-liquid suppliers will look for the cheapest ingredients possible – usually from China. However, Vintage Joye does not import any of its flavorings or nicotine form China, which ensures that customers only get the best quality products possible.  Additionally, Vintage Joye makes use of some of the largest flavoring houses in the world, which means that customers can be assured of being able to choose form the biggest and best quality range of e-liquids in the industry.


Joyetech Egrip II

Joyetech Egrip II

Stealthy and style at it’s best. This small device that fits in the palm of your hand giving you all aspects of vaping from regular clapton coil, to stainless steel temperature control. All in one device to fill and go with a built in tank or optional adapter to use your favorite tank. Amazing vapor production a must check out!! Limited stock, they are flying off the shelf.  www.vintagejoye.com

Bulk eLiquid

Finding an FDA Registered Lab for Bulk Order eLiquids is Crucial

One of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. is the Electronic Cigarette industry. This specific industry continues to expand in a very great way, and it keeps becoming more and more popular as each year passes. It is important, if you want to manufacture these eCigarettes, that you partner up with a USA based Wholesale eLiquid company that is properly registered with the FDA, because they are the ones who are setting the regulations for eCigarette products. It is prudent to make sure that these products are completely protected before you begin the manufacturing of them. All of the ingredients and the materials that come into your businesses laboratory should be tested and checked by the FDA before you use them in eCigarettes. They will have someone come into your company and randomly grab a few samples of the finished product, to be sent to an FDA independent laboratory for further testing to make sure that your company, and the manufacturing of these products, are following the FDA’s regulations and requirements. Below is some more information on what to look out for when purchasing bulk eLiquid products.


FDA eCig Industry

Cole Bill Passed for Electronic Cigarette Industry

Cole Bill Passed for Electronic Cigarette Industry

This is a start and a voice for helping our Industry from people that do not see the benefits of switching from tradition cigarettes to Vaping. Keep on Vaping and Keep putting the pressure on for your rights.. This is Huge for our Industry to move forward..


Special Alert April 19, 2016

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations this morning voted 31-19 in favor of adding Rep. Tom Cole’s (R-Oklahoma) amendment to the 2017 Agricultural Bill which would change the February 15, 2007 predicate date for eVapor products as set in the FDA-CTP’s April 2014 “Deeming Regulations” to the effective date of the FDA’s final deeming rule.

A more-detailed special report on the predicate date amendment and a potential amendment that would exempt premium cigars from FDA regulation will be released later today. (Committee on Appropriations Hearing 4/19).

New Dessert Eliquid Flavors

New Dessert Eliquid Flavors


New Flavors in at Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge Naples!! Belgium Waffle and Butter Pecan. Great dessert flavors created without the bad ingredients.. All of Our Eliquid is made in the USA in an FDA registered manufacturing facility. Our ejuice/eliquids are USP kosher grade with our nicotine extracted from the black leaf tobacco in a Levorotatory process which renders our liquid 99.9% pure.We do not have any Alcohol, Water, Sugar, or extracts that reduce your vaping experience and clogg up your coils.. Beware of other eliquid brands that are cheap and cheaply made. Our Eliquid is Free of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, and Acetoin.

Vape Forward Vapor Flask VF Lite Kit

Vape Forward Vapor Flask VF Lite Kit

Vapor Flask VF Lite is manufactured by Wismec a company based out of California. This box mod is perfect in size and power. The Vaporflask Lite is a solid box mod that holds single 18650 battery. The device equipped with a 75W maximum power output. The Lite also features variable temperature technology supporting Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils. Gives the user several different vaping experiences.  Additional features include upgradeable firmware, easy to operate user interface and innovative hinged battery door for effortless battery changes.

Come check them out at Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge Naples. We packaged this unit as a kit including the Joyetech Cubis Tank as well as including a Sony 18650 Battery.

Aspire Odyssey TC Kit

All New Aspire Odyssey TC Kit in this week at our Naples Location before our HUGE Black Friday Sale!!! It’s stylish, with a chrome on chrome all metal finish, minimalist muti-function dial, (more…)

Most Popular Holiday Fall Eliquid Flavors

Most Popular Holiday Fall Eliquid Flavors

Fall is here and the Holidays are right around the corner. Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge has their Holiday flavors back in stock for the season. Among the favorites are the following flavors. (more…)

Evic-VTC Mini from Joyetech

eVic-VTC Mini is one of the most innovative device ever made by Joyetech with its new integrated magnetic battery cover based on interchangeable 18650, upgradable firmware, and even more (more…)

Electronic Cigarette Industry

The electronic-cigarette industry will bring in a whopping $3.5 billion in total retail sales by the end of the year, according to Wells Fargo Securities. It’s predicted to pass $10 billion by 2017. For a category that’s less than a decade old, that is impressive growth. (more…)

Premium Eliquid Line Top Shelf USA Made

Premium Eliquid Line Top Shelf USA Made

We are excited to annouce 3 new eliquid flavors to our “Top Shelf” Eliquid line. We will release flavors in a few weeks. Here are the descriptions. (more…)

Kangertech SUBOX Mini Kits

This is a great kit that has come out from Kangertech that is good for a beginner or advanced vapor looking for the cloud chasing. With the delicate appearance, Kangertech Subox Mini Starter (more…)

Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge Events in Naples

Come join us at our next special event held at our lounge. We bring in DJ and cater, lots of fun with other folks that vape. We sell Beer, Wine, and Champagne. You do not have to vape to join us, we have Ehookahs at the bar with 0 nicotine flavors. Always a great turn out. For more information on our events like our Facebook page. Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge Naples…

Kangertech SUBOX Mini Kits

This is a great kit that has come out from Kangertech that is good for a beginner or advanced vapor looking for the cloud chasing. With the delicate appearance, Kangertech Subox Mini Starter kit works with OCC coils on resistance from 0.5-1.5 Ohm. It has a very nice finish with matching tank making the kit look great. We have shipped out prepaid orders and now will be available at our retail location in Naples, FL

Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge

Vintage Joye™ “Top Shelf” Eliquid NEW Line

The wait was well worth it. Our new flavors from Vintage Joye™ “Top Shelf” Line are a hit. Our clients can’t stop talking about how different they are and how good they are compared to other eliquid on the market. We wanted to thank our loyal clients for the feed back and your kind thoughts. If you have not tried them yet stop in today and try them out at Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge Naples. Currently offered only in store location. Call for shipping. www.vintagejoye.com
Made in the USA – FDA registered Lab

Innokin Cool Fire 4

In this week at Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge Naples, Innokin Cool Fire 4 Box Mod. Small Box Mod with a kick… Can handle Sub Ohm Vaping with it’s power of 40W and 2000 Mah battery. Great (more…)

How to choose the right Electronic Cigarette?

How to choose the right Electronic Cigarette?
The market has now been flooded with so many electronic cigarette companies your head spins when you look at all the different ecigs out on the market. My suggestion would be to do your research and read up on the company to see how satisfied the companies clients are from the product they purchased. I mean, you even have ecigs in multiple gas station throughout the states. You have to do a comparison analysis like buying a simple watch. (more…)

Dual Coil Cartomizers XL for 510/eGo 1.5

There has been so many different things coming out on the market for electronic cigarettes. I wanted to give some feed back on the newest technology that has come out which are the newest Dual (more…)

510 Ego Tank VS T Rex

510 Ego Tank VS T Rex

Vintage Joye™ has added the Ego Tank System and we are having raving reviews about how great the systems performance is. The best thing about this system is that it allows a heavy vapor to (more…)

Vintage Joye™ presents the all New Ego Tank System

Vintage Joye™ presents the all New Ego Tank System

Vintage Joye™ Ego-T (eGo Tank) Tank system is the second generation of the ever popular Vintage Joye™ eGo electronic cigarette, it uses virtually all the regular Vintage Joye™ eGo accessories (more…)

Ego TANKs are here!

The Vintage Joye™ Ego, is currently one of our top sellers. It’s is driven by a 3.7 volt 650mAh rechargeable manual battery. With the special USB charger, 1.5-2 hours is enough to get the (more…)

Innokin Cool Fire 4

In this week at Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge Naples, Innokin Cool Fire 4 Box Mod. Small Box Mod with a kick… Can handle Sub Ohm Vaping with it’s power of 40W and 2000 Mah battery. Great reliable little box mod, with an amazing finish. If you are in the market for a unit that can do everything with a great value stop in this week and check them out!!! www.vintagejoye.com

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