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My Dad developed lung cancer and then my mom was diagnosed with COPD shortly thereafter. They were lifelong smokers.

As a NON smoker I couldn’t understand WHY they kept up with such a health altering habit so I decided to ask several smoker friends and family members why they cannot quit and here is what I found: They don’t want to stop smoking. If smoking did not cause disease these people say they would continue the habit because they like it. Even my own husband who was a “2 pack cigarettes a day” kind of guy told me he enjoys smoking. So here is the obvious conclusion; smoking is not just a nicotine addiction, it is also about the behavioral patterns associated with the actual cigarette. Sadly, my parents suffered almost 7 years. It still hurts to think about the difficulties they both went through from their smoking related diseases. They couldn’t even attend our wedding due to their poor health. Dad was able to quit on his own but Mom continued. She passed away from COPD in 2006 while on a respirator that she would have never been able to live without. I still feel hurt and even a bit angry that my siblings and I had to make this tough decision. This was exactly one week after Dads passing of lung cancer complications. I sad goodbye to both of them at the funeral service. It was the saddest day of my life.

When I came home to Florida from the funeral service, I began to nag my husband Mike constantly to quit.

I almost gave up until one day my brother approached me in early 2008 with some interesting information about a new product on the international market that was making headlines. He introduced us to the electronic cigarette. It had been developed and patented in China in 2004 and it sounded like “quite the novelty” because it simulated smoking. He told me it tastes and feels real but without the dangerous chemicals. “You are inhaling flavored vapor”, he told me excitedly. This sounded like a solution that quite possibly my husband could handle! I embraced this concept with new hope and anxiously awaited the arrival of our first electronic cigarette. My dear hubby was about to become my first smoking simulation experiment! He proved to be a great test subject and loved it. By his 3rd day he was sold and “WE” found success! He was no longer part of the tobacco smoke society and officially joined the world of Vaping. We immediately saw this as one of the most innovative and revolutionary nicotine delivery systems ever! This proved to be a recipe for success because you can continue the same behavioral patterns you are accustomed to. No life changing routines or avoiding trigger situations. You can choose different nicotine levels and even NON nicotine for those who want to wean off completely. In fact, it was such an easy transition for Mike that an electronic cigarette empire was born to the Minichiello household. Vintage Joye was formed because it is viable solution to the real world of cigarette addiction. This electronic innovation is “green” and eco-friendly & a heck of alot less expensive. Vaping is socially acceptable and allowed pretty much anywhere. Since there is little negativity associated with vaping it has become a big hit & users are growing into the millions.

As Henry Ford once said “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.”

That’s just what we did! So many folks that cannot quit smoking carry a lot of shame, especially those with major health issues. We still agree that quitting is best, however, we are not here to judge each other and you shouldn’t have to feel guilty or ashamed of your habit, you simply review your options and find the one that is the best alternative for you. Smoking dangers and pertinent health information has certainly come a long way but we still have a long ways to go to get folks to quit. And so Vintage Joye™ officially began back in 2008 in the Lake Worth Area as a mere website. We decided to introduce this product as an alternative health modality for those wanting to rid themselves of all the cigarette chemicals. It took off so fast for us that folks didn’t even want to wait a day for delivery. After meeting people at restaurants and gas stations to deliver their products we knew this was not a comfortable thing for us to do so it led us to open our first store in Naples Florida which escalated within a year to a larger retail location complete with imported/domestic beer, premium wine and champagne in an upscale 1940’s theme that is totally dedicated to my parents who grew up in & loved this era. There was something really special about the 1940’s. Mostly people were honorable and had good morals and we wanted to instil the same principles into our business.

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