WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

510 Ego Tank VS T Rex

510 Ego Tank VS T Rex

Vintage Joye™ has added the Ego Tank System and we are having raving reviews about how great the systems performance is. The best thing about this system is that it allows a heavy vapor to

keep vaping without the concern about constantly direct dripping into the atomizer. The system has a tank that you can fill 1.1ml of ejuice into the tank which is like having a pack of cigarettes on you. It has been suggested from our manufacturer that you need to leave an air space in the tank to allow the tank atomizer to work properly. If you fill the ejuice up to the top there is no space for atomizer to work correctly causing atomizer to burn out or not last as long.

T Rex, well I have to say that the T Rex system was a great thought of a powerful ecig but after purchasing the system all I got was complaints of the atomizer burning out very quickly. The T Rex has a great throat hit and worked good but both the batteries and the atomizer did not add up to my expectations. The systems performance died after 2 weeks and quit frankly I removed the system from my product line as fast as I added it. Do not waste your time or money on the T Rex System.

Ego Tank System wins the match by a long run. Come down to our local store in Naples or purchase the Ego Tank System on our site. We offer with our Ego Tank Kit a Ego carrying case, and 2 bottles of ejuice for free which is a month supply for a pack a day smoker.

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