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Ecigs save money - you buy your starter kit, then purchase low cost e-juice/flavors as you need them. 1 bottle of ejuice lasts a pack-a-day smoker apprx. 2 weeks. You can "Vape" almost anywhere...It's only vapor you are exhaling! Reduce or even Quit Smoking.

Vaping is clean and there is NO offensive second hand smoke or odor. No fire, No tar, No ash, No Carbon Monoxide, No Tobacco or the other 4000 chemicals a cigarette has. Electronic Cigarettes & Cigars create VAPOR! NOT SMOKE! Our Electronic

Cigarettes have a manual switch, to inhale as long as needed for a true smoking replacement.


Vintage Joye™ Vapor Lounge offers Only Genuine products, NO Copycat or Knockoff products. All of our products come with a authentic codes to assure truly genuine products, directly from manufacturer. We sell top brands of, clearomizers, or cartomizers with changeable coils for the best savings. We offer Dual Cartomizers, Single cartomizers, Sub Ohm Tanks, and much more for high capacity vaping while holding 1.6ml-6ml+ of ejuice. As our market is forever changing with new technology Vintage Joye™ keeps up with all the new products and will only carry the Top of the Line products for the best vaping experience. Our prices are never inflated - Beware of companies over charging you or putting you on autoship. Priority mail shipping is 2-3 days with delivery tracking. We are family owned & operated. We ship anywhere in the USA. We also offer bulk eliquid with delivery anywhere in the world from our USA FDA registered manufacturing facility. Our ejuice/eliquids are USP kosher grade with our nicotine extracted from the black leaf tobacco in a Levorotatory process which renders our liquid 99.9% pure. Our reputation has been built on customer trust, the highest quality products available with real credibility in the industry. That's a big deal to us!

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Electronic Cigarette Products

Each of our products is tested and certified by
our manufacturer for quality and performance. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen & felt. We offer Joyetech & top quality genuine brands.

American Made Ejuice|Eliquid

Our ejuice “eliquid” is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility. Eliquid materials are USP Kosher grade. Our nicotine is Levorotatory and 99.9% pure, ensuring best taste & purity.

Vaping…what is it? why Vape?

Vapor is the new smoke. It’s clean & eco-friendly. Electronic cigarettes emit an odorless water vapor that is non-intrusive to those around you. There is no tar or carbon-monoxide or the other 4000+ chemicals of a cigarette.

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